Bradbury Parents Resource Centre

The Centre provides a platform for family members of persons with disabilities to offer each other help and support, and to exchange ideas amongst themselves. It also assists parents in coping with difficulties in childcare through diversified services and community resources.

The Centre has been sponsored by the Social Welfare Department since 1994, and provides diversified services for people with Down Syndrome or other disabilities and their families, including:

• Counselling and enquiries services

Provide counselling and referral services for families and anyone who needs to acquire information regarding any aspect of Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. Please call the Centre hotline 2718-7777 to speak to one of our information officers or specialist advisers who will provide you with impartial advice and information.

• Education and Development Programs

The Centre holds regular classes, workshops and seminars to enable parents to learn and share valuable knowledge and experiences about parenting skills and child development issues.

• Family Activities and Interest Classes

The Centre organizes various indoor and outdoor activities for parents and children, as well as classes to promote balanced development among people with disabilities and their families. It also promotes mutual understanding and friendship among families.

• Resource Library

Provide members with various lending services for books and audio-visual materials to help them understand their individual needs and those of their children.

• Community Education

Through organizing various integrated activities, seminars, events and exhibitions, we try to promote the public and local residents’ understanding of people with disabilities including their characteristics and potentials, improve their knowledge about Down Syndrome and correct commonly held misconceptions.

• Self-help Group

Various self-help groups have been set up to organize activities to meet different members’ interests and needs under the guidance of social workers. Established groups include Down’s Cantonese Opera Group, Down’s Dancing Group, Invincible Volunteers, the Venture Scout and 84th Kowloon Group.

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