2+1 Socks Gift Box

2+1 Socks Gift Box

This is a special combination. This Socks Gift Box contains 2 same socks with 1 odd which symbolizes the infinite possibilities and positive regard to diversity!

Most people with Down Syndrome carry an extra one at their 21st pair of chromosomes. The shape of socks is like a chromosome. This  condition, then is just like a pair of colorful mismatched socks. The odd pair of socks may be a different pattern or color but can still be worn together and form a colorful picture! If you are willing to accept and embrace people with Down Syndrome, they can also have a happy and meaningful life just like you and me!

Let’s this 2+1 combination liberates the beauty of diversity, possibility, inclusion and a new perspective of seeing things on the 21st March, the World Down Syndrome Day! Also raise the public concern to people with Down Syndrome together!

Your contribution will directly go to the development of our self-financing projects, such as sports and art services for our direct beneficiaries that is people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

What is Down Syndrome?

There are 46 chromosomes in each cell of a person. However, in the cell of a person with Down Syndrome, there are 47. This extra chromosome is the cause of distinct physical appearance and intellectual status of people with Down Syndrome. If appropriate training and support can be given at early stage, people with Down Syndrome are able to live happily and independently.

Know more about

World Down Syndrome Day

The United Nations General Assembly declared 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day since 2012, to raise public awareness and advocating for the rights, inclusion and well-being of people with Down Syndrome. Choosing 21 March as 3.21 represents the 21st pair of chromosome of the people with Down Syndrome. There are 3 chromosomes. This extra chromosome produces the distinct physical appearance and intellectual status of people with Down Syndrome who are simple, pure and true.

Just $50 can get a 2+1 Socks Gift Box with you! There are 6 combinations for your selection, each box contains 2 same socks with 1 odd. Please refer to the picture below for more detail.

Please find the link below or download the order form if you intend to buy 2+1 Socks Gift Box. Please send the filled order form to fpr@hk-dsa.org.hk for follow-up work.

Let’s try different combination, to find the most suitable mismatched socks for yourself!

Our Heartfelt Gratitude

No matter table tennis or musical, both are Sai Kwong’s favourite! In fact, he actively joins all sort of activities organized by the Association. Sai Kwong’s mother found Sai Kwong looked happier and outgoing after joining these activities. His social skills was improved and helped him able to meet more friends. More important is, Sai Kwong’s self-care ability becomes better after taking related training course. He can now get to his workplace and the Center by himself. His mother doesn’t need to worry much about him!

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, you can always see ManMan at our Center. “She is a super fan of the HKDSA, it is the second home for her.” Her mom laughed. Through joining the activities, ManMan not only met lots of good friend here, but also developed a healthy lifestyle which kept her physical and mental health healthy.  ManMan now back to the Center for joining activities like singing and some training activities once the service resumed. “It is glad the Center offers opportunities for Man Man to border her social circle and have a room to unleash her talents with appreciation and recognition” said ManMan’s Mom.

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