Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre
(Tiptop Training Centre)


In late 2003, the Social Welfare Department announced that two sheltered workshops will be outsourced. The Association successfully bidded for the operation of the Workshop in Lek Yuen, and officially took over in April 2004. The transferred centre was reformed into an Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service Centre (IVRSC) to comply with the new policy of the Social Welfare Department. The IVRSC provides both a sheltered workshop and supported employment under one roof. It facilitates the internal upward mobility of sheltered workshop users to use our supported employment services before looking for a job in the open employment market. The centre also provides a safety net for fallback users by giving them the chance to get re-trained, thus lessening the worry of the parents. We named our service unit ‘Tiptop Training Centre’, which reflects the Association’s target to operate a training centre with a tip-top quality of service.

Our centre provides one-stop vocational training services for people with disabilities including assessment, training, job placement and onsite follow-up. We also provide other support services such as parents’ meetings, social skills training and recreational activities. Eventually, we aim at “fully realizing the talent” of our service users.

  • Persons with moderate intellectual disabilities (for sheltered workshop service)
  • Persons with mild intellectual disabilities and other disabilities (for supported employment service)
  • Persons rehabilitating from mental illness
  • Persons with other types of disabilities
  • Persons aged 15 or above
  • Persons who are mentally and emotionally stable with no infectious disease or severely disturbing behaviour
  • Persons capable of self-care; and
  • Persons who are willing to work
  • Prevocational assessment and job attitude training
  • Vocational skills training (packaging, cleaning, car beauty services, arts and crafts work, office assistance, warehouse work and sales)
  • Job matching, on-the-job training and placement follow up
  • Casework and counselling service
  • Interest group and development group
  • Parental work and recreational activities
  • Dry goods packaging
  • Hot press lamination
  • Printed matter packaging and posting
  • Arts and crafts production
  • Photocopying and binding services
  • Car beauty service
  • Home, shop and office cleaning services
  • Charity sale of donated items
Service applicants, employers who wish to employ our trainees or provide production jobs to our sheltered workshop, and companies with donation items are all welcome to contact us.