Real Life vs Drama


Real Life vs Drama

There are many incidents happened in our life which are same as episodes in drama. To Ming, her “drama”is too many unexpected ups and downs.

Ah Ming and her husband planned to have their children after married. It was great to hear that their second child is a girl and Ah Ming felt blessed as she has a son already. However, her baby girl, Man Shan diagnosed as Down Syndrome. Sadness, disappointed, angry, wonder and worry …came to her mind and endless.

Expectations turning

From high expectation and falling to bottom, Ah Ming is learning to turn her expectations with the help and support from her family. She provide much room to Man Shan for her development and put effort together. In fact, same as most of people with Down Syndrome, the whole development of Man Shan was delay and with muscle hypotonia. Man Shan could say“ PaPa” and but “MaMa” after a year . Anyway, Ah Ming still felt happy when she saw Man Shan dancing. Ah Ming felt blessed when she met many difference kids with special needs when Man Shan entered into special training center. She found that knowing simple acts like walking is already a gift. In addition, she found the improvement of Man Shan and this made Ah Ming knew how to deal with this extra chromosome.

We are happy when we are together                                                                                                                                           This extra chromosome never blocks the warm and love sharing within the family, but also strength their relationship. Man Shan and his elder brother bring lots of laugh to the family. Besides, Ah Ming and her husband help each other and enjoy every moments with the whole family which is full of happiness