Sunnyway – On the Job Training Program for Young People with Disabilities & On the Job Training Program for People with Disabilities

It provides vocational training for people with disabilities through three main employment programmes sponsored by the government, including “Sunnyway – On the Job Training Programme for young people with Disabilites”, “On the Job Training Programme for people with Disabilities” and “Supported Employment Service”. At the same time, through the projects, the employment readiness and abilities of people with disabilities are introduced to the business sectors so that opportunities for employment are extended.
Sunnyway - On the Job Training Program for Young People with Disabilities

Target Participants
Persons aged between 15 and 29 with disabilities or diagnosed with early signs of mental illness by a psychiatrist

On the Job Training Programme for People with Disabilities and Supported Employment Service

Target Participants
Persons aged 15 or above with disabilities


The program provides job-related training and counselling services to participants according to their abilities and needs.

  • During the job attachment period which lasts up to 3 months, participants who can fulfill their job requirements will receive a job attachment allowance of HK$2,000 per month.
  • Participants do not have an employer–employee relationship with the job providing organization.
  • Employers are encouraged to employ people with disabilities through the trial program, which enables them to understand their working abilities. During the trial period, employers will receive grants for 50% of the participant’s monthly pay or up to HKD$4,000 for a maximum period of 6 months.
  • During the trial period, participants are under an employee status and are protected by the Employment Ordinance.

Up to 1 year of post-placement service is provided to assist job trial participants to successfully settle into their employment.

Free of Charge
How to Apply

Applicants can contact or visit Employment Services Centre or Tiptop Training Centre to make an application, or apply for the service with the referral of a doctor, school social workers, medical social workers or other professionals.

Employment Services Centre (Tsuen Wan)
Tel: 2611 9747
Fax: 2611 9752
Address: 1-3A, G/F, Wing Hing House, Fuk Loi Estate, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong.

Tiptop Training Centre (Shatin)
Tel: 2697 5331
Fax: 3568 0210 / 2692 4955
Address: Room 123-138, G/F, Wing Shui House, Lek Yuen Estate, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong