Down Syndrome Employment Support Scheme (DSESS)


With more and more companies are willing to employ people with disabilities, the employment of the people with disabilities should be of greater concern to the public. In light of the above situation, the Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services has launched the Down Syndrome Employment Support Scheme (DSESS). The Scheme helps people with Down Syndrome and their parents or caregivers to know more about employment service and understand themselves more in career development and planning by providing employment information and advisory service, so that encourage them to engage in the open employment market to unleash their potential and shine in the workplace.

People with Down Syndrome who aged 15 or above and their caregivers.

  • To assist undergraduates and their caregivers to explore the life planning
  • To assist the graduates who are unsuccessful in securing employment and their caregivers to plan their future career
  • To support the working people and their caregivers to know and understand their needs other than work.
1. Short Term Employment Advisory Service
  • Introduce the employment service
  • Find out the ability of the participants and service users
  • Understand service users’ the concept about working
  • Discuss the expectations for the career development with the service users
  • Other matters related to the career development
2. Event/Talk/Workshop
  • Conducting the events, talks or workshops about career planning, and let the service users understand the employment orientation Eg. Taster workshop, Talks about working preferences etc.
3. Publication – Job Job News (Chinese version)
  • Provision of updated information so as to let the service users catch up with the job market
4. Long term Case Follow-up Service
  • Apply the Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services if need for career development follow up work and job referrals.
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  1. Complete the online application form; OR
  2. Referred by social worker (only for the member of Bradbury Parents Resource Centre or Jockey Club Down Syndrome Centre);
  3. If you have any questions on the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact our Vocational Rehabilitation Officer (Registered Social Worker), Miss Cheung at 2611 9747.