Support Service for Newborn and Preschool Children with Down Syndrome & SweetieLand

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Sponsored  by HSBC via The Community Chest of Hong Kong, SweetieLand Project Project is supported.
We provide families with appropriate counseling and referral services as needed and offers help and advice to new parents and parents-to-be. The “SweetieLand” Project provides services for newborns to 6-year-old kids with Down Syndrome and their families, offering various trainings including muscle training and cognitive, language and social skills development.
· Counseling Services

Provides families with newborn babies with counseling services and childcare training to help parents ease their emotional grief and strengthen their confidence. Social workers will visit hospitals, Down Syndrome clinics and families to understand the needs of families with newborns and provide them with needed support and information.

· Support from the Experienced

To arrange for more experienced professionals and parents to provide support by offering advice and sharing their experiences through the telephone and home visits to families with newborn babies. Parent networking activities are also available to provide a platform for mutual support.

· Care Ambassador

This group was established to complement the ‘support from the experienced’ service. Volunteering parents who are interested in becoming a ‘care ambassador’ will receive group training designed by social workers on home visiting skills to enable them to provide support effectively when needed.

· Panels of Parents with Newborn Babies

Parents are divided into groups based on similar backgrounds and needs, so they can meet regularly. Social workers provide guidance on a variety of topics to give members access to more professional advice and resources to care for their children. The Panel also gives members a chance to release their emotions and share their opinions on various issues.