Pre-natal & New Born Counselling & Support Service for Parents of Babies with Down Syndrome


We provide families with appropriate counselling and referral services to new parents and parents-to-be.

Pre-natal Counselling & Support Services: Any prospective parents whose fetus had been diagnosed or suspected to have Down Syndrome
If your fetus is suspected or diagnosed to have Down Syndrome, you can…

  1. Discuss with your doctor to see if you need to undergo further screening tests
  2. Seek medical advice from your doctor or our counsellor about the health condition of the fetus, related information and caring skills of baby with Down Syndrome
  3. Consider different factors if you are struggling whether you should continue or terminate your pregnancy, such as the severity of disability of the fetus, you and your spouse’s readiness in caring for a child with DS, etc.

Newborn Counselling & Support Services: Families of Newborn Babies with Down Syndrome under 3 years old
If you have given birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, you can…

  1. Call our hotline to receive our emotional support and counselling service and obtain information about DS from the counsellor
  2. Seek medical advice from your doctor about the health condition of the baby with DS
  3. You are entitled to apply for a Disability Allowance for your baby through a medical social worker & apply early intervention training programme to help your child to develop his/her full potential

Counselling Service (by telephone contacts, home or hospital visits)

  • Listen actively to the worries and concerns of the prospective parents or parents of Newborn with Down Syndrome
  • Discuss about the caring plan of the child before or after birth
  • Discuss their concern and query (if any)

Information provision

  • Provide relevant information on different available pre-natal screening programmes
  • General information on Down Syndrome as well as their possible impacts on the child development
  • Proper attitude, knowledge and caring skills of caring for children with Down Syndrome
  • Relevant social, educational services and resources

Concern Ambassadors
Upon consent from service users, our Concern Ambassadors would share their experience of rearing children with DS with you by different means, such as telephone contact or electronic media contact, home or hospital visit.

Parents’ Network for English-Speaking Members
Once you become our member, you can join our English-speaking group for mutual support and sharing of child rearing experiences.

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