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The Human Library was founded in Denmark in 2000. It is a place where you can check out people instead of book. It’s aims to address people’s prejudices by learning their life experience and talking to them, so as to promote the social inclusion.
On 21st March, The World Down Syndrome Day, The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association organized an online Human Library Event to let you all know more about the unique life stories of people with Down Syndrome and their family. It’s believed that each individual has their life and experience. We are committed to inviting more members to join the Human Library and be part of it. Hope you all will be impressed and inspired by those “Books” and their chapter of life, and explore your unique one!

“The Life of 2+1” Series (Conducted in Cantonese only)

People with Down Syndrome embrace their life with an extra copy of their 21st pair of chromosome (There are 3 chromosomes). This 2+1 conditions made them different in appearance and intelligence, but also gave them a meaningful life with unlimited possibilities. With the theme of “The Life of 2+1”, we are going to show you the art and sport talents, employment development, social life of people with Down Syndrome and also value of respecting life through reading 5 life stories.

Break the Frame
By Christine Lau

I have grown Strong with Splendid Splash
By Amy Yung

Life is Valuable
By Parents of Chung Kin

I am a Lobby in-Charge
By George Kwok

Our Sweetie Friend
By Nathan Leung

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant
“The SHARE Project – Comprehensive Support Service for Families of Children with Down Syndrome”

Human Library Event – The Life of 2+1

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