Chairperson’s Message

Thanks to the great support and faith given to me. I feel a great sense of honour to be elected as the Chairperson of the Executive Committee in the new term. I would do my best to uphold our spirit and fulfil our service mission with all committee members together for the greatest well- being of the service users.
Established in 1987, The Association is entering its thirty-fifth year. All of our achievements over the years have been really hard-earned. With the efforts and the staunch support from all walks of life, they have brought various kinds of resources and different community experiences to the Association and service users. My heart- felt thanks to all our colleagues who have strived to serve with dedication and perseverance. Also, the trust from parents and service users has become a motivating drive for progress and serving with heart. We all have devoted relentless efforts in performing our respective roles. Such team spirit is really full of energy and touching!
In the future, I hope that everyone will feel free to express their opinions, not only to strengthen our existing services, but also keep ourselves abreast of the time and innovative thinking. This will make us be responsive to and fulfil the needs of different service users and changes in society, as well as enabling service users and their families to enjoy our comprehensive services. The Association is also committed to exploring different opportunities for service users to showcase their talents, including sports, art and working abilities, enhance the community’s understanding of them, and create an inclusive society.
People with Down Syndrome and those with intelligence and other disabilities all have a simple and sincere heart. This reminds us of their simple happiness. In this ever-changing society, it is hoped that we all can be impressed by our service users and become companions with each other.
Mr. CHOR Wai Hing, Keith
Chairperson of Executive Committee