Story of Siu Kam

Story of Siu Kam

Siu Kam is a full time mom with three children. She dedicated to her family with love, tidying up flats everyday and showing cares to her husband and children.

Worried and Shocked

She and her husband have two son and daughter who have already studied in secondary school. Hei Hei was the youngster son with Down Syndrome who born accidentally. “What is Down Syndrome ?”, “ How is Hei Hei’s future?”, “ What do another think about us ?” Thousands of questions came to Siu Kam when Hei Hei was born.

Keep Silence & and Stay Calm                                                                                                                        

All family members are willing to “work” together to take care Hei Hei when they knew Hei Hei is Down Syndrome. In the period of his new born stage, sister of Siu Kam always took leave and came to visit Hei Hei and played with him. She never XX  him and even comfort Siu Kam. Support and acceptance from family made Siu Kam stayed calm and being brave enough to finding related information and services.

Never give up & Be responsible

It is true that unpleasant gaze and words are still here, but Siu Kam never care about it. Siu Kam cleared that Hei Hei is more important. She tried her best to do everything which is beneficial to Hei Hei. For example, brought him to join classes and park so as to stimulate his development. Also, she still cared her older son and daughter and arranged various activities for them according to their needs.

Simple is the Best                                                                                                                                    

Hei Hei is now studying at special school for more than a year. Siu Kam also meet many friends with similar stories which could be support each others. In future, Siu Kam will keep on graceful attitude and showing love to people around with love.  。