Positive Ambassador


Just Smile and happiness is in your hands

You never thought that Ah Mei suffered in bad times which nearly kick her down when you meet this cheerful lady who always smile and feel blessed when talking about her daughter, Tze On.



Same as most of people, nice and sweet family is Ah Mei expectation. Tze On was born after her marriage, however, Tze On diagnosed as Down Syndrome with serious congenital heart disease. Tze On had to do surgery and had to use tools to assist in eating and swallowing in a long period of time because of breath and other health problems. Tze On stayed in hospital for more than a year and had to take different regular medical appointments afterward. This made Ah Mei tired, but her husband did not understand and so they divorced. Ah Mei takes her responsivity to care Tze On solely.


it was really thanks for the help and support from those doctors and nurses who always in positive and kind hearted. They encouraged Ah Mei and offer assist to her. They made a nice phot album which record every episode of Tze On when she was in hospital. It was really a meaningful gift and touching moment. Tze On no longer to use tools to assist in eating and swallowing after 3 years, although that period was a bad time of Ah Mei and made her cried a lots everyday, she could find every improvement step of Tze On, love and happiness are still around her.

Be Positive and Happiness is in My Hand

“Dawn is coming after the darkness”, “Tomorrow is another day” said Ah Mei always. She not only waits for Tze On grow up in a patience, but also encourage other people with similar story like her. Because of Tze On, bad luck in your eyes which making Ah Mei improve. Her medical knowledge is as good as professional medical staffs. Ah Ming believes that just smile and happiness is in her hand.