Small Small Superman

When we heard about our pregnancy, it was a happy moment because we both liked kids very much. However, doctor tried to persuade us to terminate the pregnancy because we found that the baby has down syndrome in the 13th weeks and that his stomach and heart were not well-developed in the 20th weeks. We were shocked but we still decided to keep this baby. No matter how he is and what kinds of difficulties he faces, we are willing to face them together, on the 24th week, it was amazing that there was no problem anymore with his stomach and heart. Our baby seemed to have read our mind and have heard our voices.


However, challenges came one after another. On 31st week, I suffered from high blood pressure, I had to give birth to the baby through cesarean section and so my baby was born 3 months earlier. My husband opened the curtain of the incubator and I called him softly. He was crying loudly. I wanted to hug him but I couldn’t, because he was too weak and many pipes were struck on his small body. As I had to take rest for recovery and so I had to leave reluctantly and said “Mom has to go and you should stay strong!” My baby stopped crying and slept quietly.


That was my first time seeing my baby 48 hours after he was born. I was sad but blessed at that moment because my son understood my feeling! And I did a right decision for bringing this baby to this world.


It was the first time to hug my baby on the 26th days after his birth, I could hardly describe the feelings of carrying him in my arms. I was holding him carefully, without knowing the future of him and our family, but I was so glad when he was watching me in my arms. He is now 15 months old now. I feel so great and satisfied with my life when I see his happy face. I didn’t think much about his future, and my greatest expectation on him is to grow up happily and healthily and to strive to do well.


We see the meaning of life through his strength. Although we will face many challenges in the journey of taking care of him, we believe that my son will bring us to move forward and we just need to focus on the present. We used to love traveling around as the world is so big for us to know, but now, it is also great and blessed to stay home with my son.


It seemed that the God have heard our devout prayer, my son tackled many difficulties to come to this world and meet his parents. So, we called him “Chung Kin” means Loyalty and Persistence.