My Snail Son

“My Snail Son”

Most parents will use“Monkey”to describe their children. It is because they are energetic and responsive. However, I will use “Snail” to describe my son.


My son called Chi Hin and he is now 5 and a half years old. He was diagnosed as Down Syndrome at the first day of his born. Chi Hin is our first child and we believed that he should be a healthy boy but how come my God making fun with me.


It was lucky that Chi Hin’s health condition is quit fine and he hasn’t had any operations so far. However, his intelligent and physical development are late behind of others children. He could turn at his 7 months, could crawl at his 1 and a half year old and could only know how to walk at two years old. He can only speak uncompleted sentences still now. It is because of innate limitations, learning ability of most of people with Down Syndrome are delay in certain degree and that why I use “snail” to describe my son.


May be you will think that it should be a bad luck when having such snail child. However, God gave me this snail and he brings me to walk around. Although we walk slowly, we still ty our best. Although we walk slowly, we experienced a lot. Although we walk slowly, we still move forward and every small step is our milestone. Every step is not easy but it is full of satisfaction and happiness.


My Snail son is kind and with pure heart. He loves to share with others and with warmed heart. He loves everyone around him. All these kinds of characters are precious in my eyes. If you have snail child like me. Please don’t give up. Please don’t feel depressed. This is still a blessing when you can walk slowly with your child at this fast pace city.