Step forward with LOVE

“My world fell down”Ah Ying never thought that her second child, Hong Hong was diagnosed in Down Syndrome as her first son is a healthy boy.

Bonding is Here and Strong                                                                  

Ah Ying was pregnancy and gave birth because his husband would like to have one more child. However, Ying never thought that Hong Hong with Down Syndrome. She felt depressed , hopeless and also blamed on his husband. Several people suggested Ah Ying gave up the custody of Hong Hong when they saw her in a bad mood always. However, how easy to let a mother to separate with her son? Ah Ying rejected such suggestions assertively even she was in hard times.

A Surprising Gift                                                                         

In fact, Ah Ying faced discriminations from others on streets both unpleasant gaze and words. Besides, Hong Hong always sick and this made Ah Ying faced much pressure and felt worry. So, she was in bad temper to her husband. No matter what situation, Ying’s husband stills here and accompanied with her though he is not good at expressing feeling. He joined every medical appointments and training courses, encouraged Ying to share with others. He understood Ah Ying when she shared her sadness. Ah Ying found care and love from her husband when people with Down Syndrome came to her world.

Step forward with LOVE                                                                      

Ah Ying with tender outlook but being strong enough to protect her family. She learns how to face and deal with those unpleasant treats and even she will step out to ask people being consideration. Although life is not easy, Ah Ying will step forward with hope. Wish her family in good health and walk together.