Little Girl with Large Splash

Amy Yung, a 14 years old girl, is a swimming athlete. When she jumps into the swimming pool, she can use four difference kinds of swimming style to swim back and forth. Since joining the Downs Swimming Team in 2014, Amy won many medals, including gold, silver and bronze medals. This year, she participated in the swimming competition selection and was successfully selected to join the 9th Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships in Canada with her 6 teammates.

Face the challenges, and back to Swimming pool from Hospital

Amy was 2 years old when she swam for the first time. She was swimming like a small fish and having fun from it! She enjoyed the freedom in the water and knew how to move forward. However, she was diagnosed with Leukemia half year later. Amy was forced to say goodbye to swimming pool and stayed at hospital for treatment and then took a rest at home for a period of time. “ Amy ’s health condition was not good for many illness in her childhood, including Asthma, heart and intestines problem and even Leukemia. Chinese medicine was accompany with her every day when she was in kindergarten.” Amy’s mom just wanted her daughter to recover, become stronger and in good health. Therefore, with the advice and encouragement from teachers and social workers, Amy’s mom chose learning swim for Amy and hoped swimming could help to strengthen Amy’s body. “ I prefer bringing Amy to swimming pool rather than back to hospital!” Amy’s mom still insisted in bringing Amy to different swimming pools and joining various competitions.

Amy is a very active girl and she enjoys swimming. She has learnt swimming for 7 years. She is best at breast stroke but she loves butterfly stroke. “I like the butterfly stroke because I like a butterfly dancing in the water.” No matter what kinds of swimming style, swimming can bring a lot of joy to Amy. Various trainings with teammates help build up the friendship and it just like having more brothers and sisters. It is grateful that swimming really helps strengthen Amy’s body with stronger immune system. Amy now is like a small dolphin and could swim back and forth on both sides of the pool.

SwimStay Fit and Explore the World

From participating in the swimming class to joining the Down’s swimming team, Amy has been involved in every practice actively and followed the guidance from the coaches. With the experiences and encouragements, Amy’s swimming stroke and skills were improved. This year, she participated in the association’s selection competition, and successfully be selected to join the 9th Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships in Canada. Amy’s mom was very happy for this and she was also filled with confidence in Amy. She was witnessing the swimming progress of Amy for a long time. She finds Amy’s persistence and hard work every day. Every move and every kick was in the leap. Amy’s mom hopes Amy could enjoy the competition to swim from the local swimming pool to the international one. They will explore the big world together, learn and grow from the experience. On the other side, Amy who is with cheerful manner also bits nervous facing the coming competition. She always love being in the water and has to overcome the psychological obstacles of flying this time. However, she still has confidence in winning medals.

Splashes the splendid Splash

Amy is a girl with Down Syndrome. Her appearance is not that different from ordinary girls. She is small and with a childish character, but she has amazing perseverance and explosive power to courageously face the challenges of the disease. Amy’s mom also treats her as an ordinary girl, giving her opportunities to explore, play, and enjoy the childhood happiness. At the same time, Amy wins the big applause from the poolside and splashes the splendid splash.