Same Happiness in “Different” Work

Maggie is a sweet and positive lady who has Down Syndrome and mild grade of intelligence disability.

Like all of us, “What job do I want?” is a question for people with Down Syndrome or other disabilities after they graduate from school.

Maggie possesses good language and communication skills. She is able to speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Also, she is good at reading. She can read English novel and do recitation in English and translate to Mandarin easily. Last year, through the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association, Maggie was successfully employed by Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) as a cleansing worker. She is responsible for general cleansing chores in the club, like floor mopping, window washing and dust removal. LRC is a private clubhouse located on Hong Kong Island. Most of the members are foreigners or do English speaking. Maggie is delighted to have the chance to make good use of her language ability. She shares with us that the colleagues and members treat her well. They always greet her with friendly smiles, chat with her during lunch time and even invite her to join music show after work. Maggie is also active to participate in various staff activities like birthday party, sport day and etc. Time flies so fast. Maggie has been working in LRC for more than a year already ! She enjoys the work there.

Besides language ability, Maggie can master computer work and do typing tasks independently, though her typing speed is not fast. Maggie is eager to find an office work so that she can apply her language skills, communication and presentation skills as well as computer skills. She wants to develop her career in office setting like an office lady. However, life is not easy and does not follow her wish. Maggie couldn’t find an office work for a long period of time even though she got solid experiences from internship programme. Maggie didn’t give up and was willing to attempt various job placements, including office assistant internship at Hong Kong Post Office, cleaning and shredding tasks at law firm or a full-time assistant in hair salon. When she knows there is an opportunity in LRC, she wants to try and accept the new challenge. Maggie is willing to learn and improve herself. She treasures the opportunity to work in LRC where she can speak in English to communicate with the friends there. She enjoys the same happiness and job satisfaction at this “Different” Work