Regional Networks from Parents of Children with Down Syndrome

承蒙香港賽馬會慈善信託基金撥款,香港唐氏綜合症協會自2005 年開展「網『樂』共享– 唐氏家庭支援服務」

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Community Project Grant has granted a fund to support “The SHARE Project – A Comprehensive Support Services for Families of Children with Down Syndrome” since 2005. We aim to provide a platform for mutual sharing and social support to the families of persons with Down Syndrome via our Regional Networks. This network also unifies parents whose children have Down Syndrome to fight for the rights and welfare of their children so as to improve their quality of life.

· Counselling

Provide families with appropriate counseling and referral services as needed, and offer help and advice for new parents and parents-to-be.

· Support Service for New born

Create a network for new parents to share parenting skills and experiences in order to establish mutually supportive relationships amongst those parents.

· Caring Ambassador

Recruit and train experienced parents as caring ambassadors to contact the parents of babies newly diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and enhance the basic counselling skills and confidence of the ambassadors through visits, reunions and sharing activities.

· Regional Parent’s Networks

These networks were set up by members to keep in touch with parents from different areas. Supporting relationships are built and these networks are widened through holding various regular meetings and district activities.

· Services to address the ageing issues of people with Down Syndrome

Increase parents’ knowledge of the early ageing process of their children, and offer them advice on how to take positive steps in preparing for this process.

· Community Education

Promoting the concept of integration through school talks and community activities will help increase public understanding of people with Down Syndrome and create an atmosphere of community acceptance and harmony. This can help people with Down Syndrome and their families live a better quality of life.

· Parents Training Activities

Provides a wide range of training activities to sharpen parents’ competence and confidence as the caretakers of children with Down Syndrome, as well as become trainers and advocates for the rights and welfare of their children.





香 港:香港島區

每區家長透過選舉,選出三位代表作為區內事務的召集人,五區合共十五位家長代表,組成家長委員會,此乃唐氏家長分區網絡的中央組織。負責團結和維繫各區家 長,以達成立此自助組織的目的。區代表透過於區內當聯絡人的熱心家長形成聯絡網,達到互助支援之效。

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