Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services

There are two service units, Vocational Rehabilitation Service and Tip Top Training Centre. Under these two units are four service plans sponsored by the HK Social Welfare Department, namely “Employment Services Centre”, “On the Job Training Programme”, ”TipTop Training Centre” and “SunnyWay – On the Job Training for mentally / physically challenged individuals”. These service plans, together with “Social Enterprises – The Down’s Kwan Ngai Service Team” serve a total of around three hundred Down Syndrome individuals as well as those with disabilities.

The objective of our Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services is to provide one-stop services to support disabled individuals who have the ability to work. This includes job skills training, vocational support, on-the-job training and the provision of vocational opportunities. It is hoped that through providing end-to-end services, necessary support will be provided to end users, i.e. to those who will utilize these services later on, as well as to who are currently utilizing these support services.

We understand that work plays an important part in our daily life, but as a service provider, we hope that service users can strike a good work-life balance. Hence, apart from vocational support, our centres also organize various leisure activities with the hope that service users can find time to relax whilst they tackle everyday vocational challenges.

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