The Centre for Active Ageing and Community Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities


People with Down syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities (DS/ID) today have a longer life expectancy. As some of them reach over the age of 60, their ageing problems are drawing more and more concern in the society. For them, however, the ageing process usually starts from the age of 35 to 40, where their health condition may begin to deteriorate sharply. The situation among people with DS is even more remarkable. The Association has hence launched the two-year ‘Industrious Adulthood and Positive Ageing for People with Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability Project’ (‘IP Project’) with the sponsorship of Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation.

To assist people with Down syndrome / intellectual disabilities

  1. Build up a healthy lifestyle
  2. Develop new life skills and then build up self-confidence
  3. Widen the social network which can provide support and assistance
· Group training and individual guidance

The project employs a multi-interventional approach. Social workers will arrange different intervention means and methods according to the client’s needs and preferences after careful observation and assessment.

· Activities first, matching after

Volunteers and members first get to know each other through a variety of activities, then are matched up to become mentors and mentees after assessment by a social worker.

· People with Down syndrome

People with Down Syndrome / intellectual disabilities can take part in different classes, programs and mentorship. All activities are focused on community life, so participants can acquire added knowledge and skills for more active community participation and independent living.

The program organizes different activities focusing on the following areas in order to strengthen the self-caring abilities of people with Down Syndrome / intellectual disabilities, and help them prepare for their later life actively.

  • People aged 18 or above with Down syndrome / mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, and
  • Not attending day training services or older people, or
  • Employed people with Down Syndrome / mild to moderate intellectual disabilities

Please feel free to call 3694 0996 for further information.

Download: Project Leaflet,  Project Application Form,  Project Volunteer Application Form