The Centre for Active Ageing and Community Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

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Nowadays, the ageing problems in Hong Kong among the people with Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities (DS/ID) draw more and more concern in the society.  Their ageing process usually starts at their 30s and their health condition may deteriorate sharply.  The Association hence launches the two-years project namely “The Centre for Active Ageing and Community Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities” (AI project) with the sponsorship from Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited.

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AI Project advocates a specialized centre for active ageing for adults with DS/ID and their care-givers and empowers them to:

  1. Develop healthy lifestyles so that they can move forward and transit to the adulthood and ageing process in a positive direction;
  2. Enhance their community living skills as well as increasing their self-confidence and independence;
  3. Enlarge their social network of peers, mentors and develop self-esteem through active community participation.
1) Healthy life style and life skills training
  • Various Day Programs
  • Health and Living Skills Education
  • Life/Death Education
  • Social and Recreation Activities
2) Mentorship Program

Matching one-to-one mentorship via social worker’s facilitation, mentors provide support and assistance in improving the health and well-being.

  • Mentorship Matching with DS/ID
  • Mentorship Training
  • Regularly Mentor-mentee Social Gathering
  • Assist in Formulating Personalized Care Plans and Social Programs

Providing outreach and case management, we reach out the members in the community and enhance their support network.

  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Case Support Service
  • Counselling Service
3) Personalized Care Management
4) Carer Support Service

Offering support to carers, it aims to enhance their knowledge and skills related with ageing of adults with DS/ID.

  • Carer Training Programs
  • Carer Support Network
  • Family/Parenting Activities
  • Adults with DS/ID : age over 18
  • Care-givers : carers who are taking care of adults with DS/ID
  • Community Mentors : who are willing to provide coaching and guidance for adults with DS/ID

Target participants are most welcome to join AI Center as members. Our staff will assess the needs and preferences of participants and recommend activities or scheme and follow-up action on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Come to our centre in person and apply
  2. By referral from social workers or other professionals

Annual membership fee: $20 (Members of HKDSA are exempted)

Programs and activities fee: Please refer to the Newsletter

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6 pm

Sunday and Public holidays: Closed or open if needed

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 The Centre for Active Ageing and Community Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Tel: 2320-6315 Fax: 3694 0997

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Address: Room 1301, Tung Wah Mansion, 199-203, Hennessy Road, Wanchai, H.K.