Chairman’s Message


The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association was registered as a non-profit making organization in October 1987. We are committed to serving individuals with Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities or other disabilities and their family members by providing them with integrated family support and vocational rehabilitation services. We uphold a firm belief that people with these disabilities should enjoy all basic human rights and equal opportunity in our society. Creating a supportive and inclusive environment is thus very important.

Through the years, the Association has been striving to provide quality and tailored services in order to improve the quality of life among service users and help them develop their personal growth fully in every aspect of life.  After years of effort, we have achieved substantial and positive impact in society through our services. Our self-financed DS Centre offers a variety of activities, interest classes, training and counselling services to our members with Down Syndrome at all ages.  Also, both DS Centre and Bradbury Parents Resources Centre provide holistic and diversified family support services including case management, support groups, family networks and so on. In the area of vocational rehabilitation services, the Association continues to expand our employers’ network and develop social enterprise, offer various types of vocational training to our members and help them become self–reliant.  To support their employment with genuine action, we presently employ more than 30 people with disabilities in our service units and social enterprise.

The Association pays close attention to and understands the needs of our members and service users. We review and conduct field research regularly so as to identify and assess any service gaps caused by insufficiencies in our services. Besides, the Association is concerned with the needs and difficulties of service users who are facing life’s challenges at different stages in life, like the aging problems of certain people with Down Syndrome as well as the challenges faced by caregivers. With joint effort and contribution from our Committees, the Association will plan for and launch new services or projects in response to our stakeholders’ changing needs and the societal environment. Parents are our valuable partners. The Association works closely with parents to proactively voice out our members’ needs and concerns to related government departments. We advocate and strive for rights and welfare on behalf of people with Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities or other disabilities and their family members.

Here, on behalf of the Association, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to every organization, charity foundation and relevant government departments for their kind support and sponsorship. Thanks you so much for the trust and support from parents, members, service users, volunteers, committee members and dedicated staff members. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the unfailing care and guidance from our President, Sir David Tang, KBE, and two Vice Presidents, Dr. Andrew Yuen and Ms. Carina Lau Ka-Ling. There are still many tasks to be accomplished in the near future, including making plans for developing new premises for the head office and DS Centre. We look forward to your continuous support and participation, and to working hand in hand with you to build a caring and integrated society for people with Down Syndrome and other people in need!